Orientation Day In Taopu Quey

After some struggle to get away from the bed. We walk to taopu quey for the traditional maori welcoming ceremony thingie. We move in teams. the studens on a side and the teachers and the staffs on the other side. Then, theres alot screaming with some unknown maori language which I dont understand at all. shout shout shout...

Here comes the tea break session, thats what Im waiting for...FOOD! they've prepared us with some juices and fruits, theres sausages and candy flow and stuffs. We walk around UCOL and grab info and some goodies. Then, saw something interesting which is the giant version of foosball , human foosball baby !

Cant stand to just watching outside of it ! and so..

We won 3 games in a row and being defeated before the rain pours. This will be the first time I am all sweating in New zealand.

Later that, We joined the fear factor competition which 4 in one team.

this is what Ive got to drink, sour- spicy raw egg drink..cant really swallow the drink Tommy has drank most of it and I down the egg in my mouth ! and of course I didnt really down it to my stomach , I walk away quietly to throw in out in the toilet !

There is so many other photos that I'd like to upload ! Im currently using the generous owner's connection. Will be getting one soon. Costly !! 3gb for around 40-50 nz dollar !! uh oh !!

oh yeah check this out . something cool I found..