Gold coast Queensland Australia 5 days trip 2016

5 days of holiday to gold Coast doesn't felt enough. 2 days has been spent on traveling on plane. It took 8 hours to fly from KL airport to gold Coast.

We stay at the Dorchester on the beach, with an amazing view of the ocean, most of the time we eat outside except for breakfast. We spent our first day at the Harbour town outlet store, the place is huge  you can spend hours shopping here. Had our first meal here at the nonna's Italian restaurant, it was just an ok meal.

Springbrook National Park is huge, we only managed to visit one of the lookout, the purling falls, the entire walk is about 10km, the fall wasn't too impressive. Burleigh national park is much better, right beside the beach, windy, with an amazing overview of the city. Palm Beach is my personal favorite of all the beaches we've visited, for its calm, crystal clear water. Had a really relaxed and great time at Palm Beach.

On the day our visit to cabarita beach was so windy, the view there was amazing! If only the wind is weaker the visit would have be much better.

Overall the food we had wasn't impressive, the best meal we had are ben's fish and chips and an Indian restaurant nearby tweed mall.


One day trip bicycle tour from Batu 18 Hulu Langat to Titi villege

On this fine Sunday, decided to join the bike ride from Hulu Langat 18 to Titi village, a small village in Negeri sembilan. We departed from our house around 5.30am and to meet up with others around 6am at Hulu Langat bt 15 for a quick breakfast, then drive and park the car in bt 18.

It was a cooling morning with thick fog, it started of with flat road which is nice and easy, this route has 2 huge ascending slopes and 2 huge descending then all the way flat until Titi village. I started to push the bike somewhere near the negeri sembilan border, during the last huge slope,  my right leg quad muscle cramp and had to stop.

on the way to titi village
cool ride in the morning

on the way to titi village
foggy weather

bamboo house
bamboo house

Negeri sembilan border
Welcome to Negeri Sembilan 

Two motorist stop by for a smoke and ask if I am ok as I look weird standing and not moving. It was only 10am-ish and my leg cramped from then, I am forced to travel on turtle speed,  the thoughts of giving up keeps kicking in and thinking how to go back with my leg cramp. But at the end I still manage to complete the planned route. I am proud of myself for being able to push to the limit!

Something that worth mentioning is that this duck ginger noodle at kampung muntoh, it was so good! It was the best thing in the bike tour. The shop is right opposite of the air pump station can be easily missed if you travel by car.

Duck ginger noodle
Duck ginger noodle, 10 thumbs up

Pork noodle
Pork noodle

Arrived Titi village at around 12pm, first thing to do is to hunt for the famous kuih kuih as mentioned by alot other bloggers. Tasted and disappointed, not as great as what the others have said. The skin was so thick, hard and sticky. Then went to a coffee shop for coffee, crowded with people, we ordered coffee and roti bakar, the roti was good.

kuih kuih
Wide selection of kuih

Asking more info from the local about tii
Chit chat with the local and get to know more about titi

After some exploring around Titi until around 2pm , we then headed back and made a stop at sg. Gabai waterfall to cool off the heat. The road back was suffering enough for me, I was all the time behind the 2 others, slopes and slopes with no end, the last 13km seems like a short distance but hell it was suffering, I was so happy to finally see the 'yellow signage'  the welcome sign to negeri sembilan as from then it is all the way down!

wall art
the famous wall art in titi

wall art

Arrived at the water fall at around 6 pm, managed to cool of the heat, feels so good to soak my leg in the cold water. We then headed back to bt 18, load our bike back to the car and then had dinner at bt15 before we head home.