Maori culture tour - Hangi

An wonderful evening. Really lucky to have the chance to experience the hospitality provided by a group of local maori artists. They have wonderful voices, and superb waving skills, not to mention about the unique tattoo pattern.

This will be a very long post!

That evening, we are all here for the hangi, which is a type of food that is cook in the Maori people way. Using the steam, buried the food underneath the soil and cook it, something similar to "beggar's chicken" a famous Chinese dish.

The hangi pit - food underneat the soilEnjoying the evening river before the hangi dinnerGreat view of Whanganui riverThe Close Quarter's Gang

After enjoying the evening view of whanganui, the others finally arrived. They have the trampoline not sure how it was spelled. Walao eh ! grow so big first time play! It was really really fun.

Lemon Tree with alot of lemon

It's a game call 'break the egg' 

Finally, the food is reaady!

While Digging the food...

While waiting for the food...

Food Revealed !

One full table of food !
The host family

enjoying our dinner
Can't wait to dig in those hangi

Its warm inside, damn cold outside

The mother of the family
And finally, the karaoke session. Some of the girls went up to sing a few songs. Then ! the host rocks the house, superb-ly, amazing, powerful voices ! they can make people cry by singing ! Sorry for the bad video lighting! but still Strongly recomend you to LISten to their beutiful voices ! sang in both english and maori dilect ! Worth the loading time !!

They compose the song
The beautiful voices are Anituatua Black, Rangitunoa Black and Marama Smith.

Lizzie and the shop owner
Beautiful voices !

A song inspired by her father