Deciso concert kids clay workshop

The 2 year once deciso concert happened on 28 of June 2015 it was a great concert with talented young performers. We were invited to setup a booth there to have a small little clay workshop.








A fun day taking photo of dogs

It was fun taking pictures of dog, but mind your steps or end up stepping on some real fresh golden cookies. Often, when they get close and licking like you're a lollipop. But it was fun.

Mango - is a little girl who wandered infront of the house, abandoned or lost, she loves the other two dogs in the house and are very cautious with humans, whenever walked near her, she would keep a distance.






Day- she's the big sister of the 3, definitely the smartest, fastest and the loudest.


Yogurt - the bad ass big boss among the 3, largest in size and appetite, always got the sad look on her face.





Sekinchan Day trip what to do

Sekinchan (適耕莊:鱼米之乡)has been so popular recently for day trip, it's paddy field as well as seafood. You can pretty much see alot posting photos of paddy field in the social media. I've never been to sekinchan and it is the right time to pay a visit as of this month(June) the paddy field will be in Golden tone. 

paddy field sekinchan

Depart from KL and arrived in Sekinchan after about one and a half hour of driving. The paddy museum signboard is the first thing I saw as soon as we've arrived. Following the signboard to the paddy museum, there's another signboard that says large scale 'wall art', out of Curiosity then follow the signboard in hope to see some really cool large scale paintings, sadly after a few turning left and right, got no idea where it leads, if you've seen the wall art would be great if you can share. Your blog or photo down at the comment section below.

Paddy processing factory at sekinchan

So our first stop are the paddy museum, you can get a ticket to enter the museum,  there's also souvenir shop where you can buy rice, brown rice noodle and some other products that made from rice.

yummy Durian ice cream

The durian flavoured ice cream taste really good especially on this hot weather.

Small stall

Bought freshly picked corns 7 for Rm10 from the small stall beside the museum, there's also fruits and some sea products. Sekinchan are famous for its paddy as well as sea products.

Wa zai mango

While on the way to the other attraction,  Nan tian gong temple, visited Wa zai mango to get some really huge mangos.

Paddy field

nan tian gong temple sekinchan

The Nan tian gong temple is just next to the paddy field,  a great spot to take photos of the paddy field, there's also lookout tower you can climb up to view the paddy field from top.

Back to the paddy museum, there's a signboard to La familia orchard, unfortunately it was not open today, good thing is more photos of paddy field from a different view.

Truck unloading bales of hay in paddy field after harvest

bales of hay in paddy field sekinchan

paddy field sekinchan

On the way to the famous beach "pantai redang" you will passby a nicely decorated souvenir shop  with a cute name "Grandma's house" 阿嬷的家 for some snacks and cold drinks.

適耕莊:鱼米之乡 阿嬷的家 sekinchan

Pantai redang beach is pretty crowded, there's a small temple and a wishing tree where you can throw and hang the red ribbon onto the tree. You can also see fishing boats that are very photogenic. One can camp here, fishing, picnic and all you really do at the beach is relax, no swimming though, as the water here are dirty.

Wishing tree sekinchan

fishing boat sekinchan

We talked to a local friendly little girl who helped her father to collect the entrance fee for the toilet while he is away, she keeps complaining about how boring is the job just by sitting there for hours. She know exactly the spot where to collect the best seashell, our evening are basically collecting seashells by the beach until dinner time since there is nothing much left to do in Sekinchan.

pantai redang sekinchan

pantai redang sekinchan

seaching for seashell at pantai redang

sunset pantai redang sekinchan

Salted bake crab sekinchan

Ended our day feasting on seafond, only took a quick snap of the salted baked crab which is absolutely delicious. Too busy to feast than feeding the camera.


My name is Cha cha - Pet dog photography

On this cloudy gloomy gray day, decided to do some pet dog photography by photographing my pet dog, goes by the name 'cha cha'. His is one hell of playful, naughty dog, never stop digging holes in the garden, barks loudly every morning at neighbor's cat, good thing is, in case you forgot to set your alarm, with him barking every morning you basically need no worry about it.

pet dog photography

pet dog photography

pet dog photography

pet dog photography

pet dog photography

Day trip Putrajaya botanical garden and Wetland recreation park

Day trip to putrajaya parks was not a bad idea for a short getaway from the daily work desk. This is my first visiting Putrajaya parks which normally skipped. We begin our journey from Kuala Lumpur at about noon, getting there is pretty straight forward, our first stop is the Botanical garden.

There's bike rental available if you wish to ride around the garden which will be a great idea, we didn't rent a bike because we couldn't locate the office, only found out after we've completed our 'jogs' round the park.

If you (like us) use the entrance and the first thing you see is the Moroccan Pavilion, then you'd probably will skipped the office.

putrajaya seafood restaurant
seafood restaurant with nice lake view
Botanical garden is a man made garden surrounded with different of species, with each different themes with different flowers from around the world, it is a well-maintained garden and it's really beautiful.  

putrajaya botanical garden taman botanic
Somewhere near the 'sun garden'
Just about right next to the 'sun garden' there's a slope perfect for photo.

putrajaya botanical garden taman botanic

The lake boardwalk seems to be popular for bike riders, with alot of shading from trees, it also seems to be the best spot for young couple to hangout.

putrajaya botanical garden taman botanic
Lake broadwalk

putrajaya botanical garden taman botanic
Delonix regia
putrajaya botanical garden taman botanic 

Before exiting the garden, we made our last stop at the Moroccan Pavilion, skipped it at the beginning because there's too many people.

putrajaya botanical garden taman botanic
Moroccan Pavilion
 The next stop, wetland, the first thing we saw was the tall lookout tower, there's also a flamingo pond walking distance from the tower.

putrajaya wetland recreation park taman wetland
Flamingo pond

putrajaya wetland recreation park taman wetland

putrajaya wetland recreation park taman wetland
Spot the quack pack leader
 Ended our Putrajaya botanical garden and park day trip with an amazing sunset view from the lookout tower.

putrajaya sunset wetland recreation park taman wetland
Sunset over the power plant