An Introduction..

Great memories back then in Whanganui close quarter.

The girls

The Boys

Slacking off from helping to cook.

it's 2.50am !!! sleeep !!


Random moment

Our Tui collection

When the fire alarm run off..

Oversea student gathering.
Play 123 pass kena hantam powder


Wanganui air port

In a fine morning, Me and my housemate went cycling for the morning kick-start. We cycle from the center of the town, all the way to air-port the estimate distance is like 12km only. On the way we saw cow and sheep, the biggest challenge is to cycle up hill like 1 km distance.

On our way to airport, while waiting for my housemate to snap pictures of the sheep and cows, I stand infront of a field, then ! suddenly the horse just walk towards me making 'geerr..gerr' noise which scare me abit at first. It is actually a very friendly horse.

And finally of all the struggle cycling through the mountain, the air port of wanganui,


National Geographic Magazine - Oldies version

It's Saturday again, morning market again. As usual cant wake up at the time I planned and always a rush during the visit to morning market. One of my friend manage to rent a place in morning market to sell her handmade stuffs, pretty cool stuff but I think its a little bit too expensive.

On my way to morning market, I went to the garage sales to look for treasures. I found some really old national geographic magazine, one of the magazine caught my attention, deeply, a 1988, hologram ( I think this is what it is called.) book cover magazine.

1988 National Geographic Hologram Front and back cover

It is really a cool book. Also I have bought a 1964 and a 1956 national geographic issue.

It is very interesting to flip through the magazine as you can really see what is going on at that time. The fashion is totally different, the way they design the books are mainly using illustration. I found something that is particularly interesting which is the Kodak's advertisement. It has a few lenses quite huge and very laser gun looking( like what you see in cartoon) camera. You can somehow see how the culture evolve into what it is right now.